Uses: some examples of how Clingons™ can be used

Short video demonstration

20 second demonstrations of the simple effectiveness of Clingons. The first video shows the Clingon being attached and the second its release.

Attaching a Clingon
Releasing a Clingon

Some further suggestions of Clingon use:

YACHTSMEN - keep some handy on board

  • Reinforce/repair awnings
  • Temporary repairs to ripped clews, tacks etc.
  • Replace broken eyelets
  • Make temporary/permanent cockpit covers
  • Customise winter covers/tarps
  • Construct spray dodgers and lee cloths
  • An essential grab-bag item
  • Lee cloths and awnings etc. can be folded completely flat without bulky eyes

CAMPERS - don’t be caught out without a pack

  • Secure tents matting and ground sheets
  • Extra guy fixing points
  • Replace broken eyelets and fasteners
  • Add internal hanging points
  • Customise bivi and tarp covers
  • Reinforce caravn awnings and skirts
  • Make emergency shelters
  • The Mini Clingon makes an ideal accessory for lightweight backpacking and Bushcraft.

MARKET TRADERS - keep your business firmly grounded

  • Moveable, reusable instant eyelet
  • Reinforce sidewalls, awnings, and stallcovers
  • Create rain covers and shelters
  • Clingon clips, create strong fixings and fastenings, to secure and customise canopies
  • Create customisable canopies
  • Great for hanging displays
  • Simply replace broken eyelets
  • Create strong securing point for any material - up to 5mm thick

HORTICULTURE, SMALL HOLDINGS and GARDENING - ensure your crops remain rooted

  • Create and customise crop covers, fleeces and netting
  • Create, customise, repair, and secure livestock housing
  • Create, repair and secure polytunnels and cloches
  • Secure garden furniture covers
  • Secure compost covers
  • Create strong securing point on any type of material
  • Simply replace broken eyelets
  • Tested to a capacity of 100kg

MISCELLANEOUS – Multiple uses

  • Secure spa and swimming pool covers
  • Fix and hold tight vehicle, car, motor bike and aircraft canopy covers
  • Hold and secure Gazebos
  • Secure BBQ covers and canopies
  • Hold fast caravan mattress covers
  • Ideal for hanging artists’ canvasses
  • Hold and fix theatrical backdrops and screens
  • Secure skip covers

CLINGON BUNGEES - the quick fix for those tricky places

  • Specifically designed to accompany the Large Clingon
  • Easily loops through Large Clingon to leave the hook free
  • Ideal for more tricky situations

Used with the Large Clingons to secure covers for cars, trailers, boats, bikes, roof racks, garden furniture, market stalls, and anything else imaginable.

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