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We regularly receive letters of approval from people who have bought Clingons from us, so this page is devoted to copies of some of these, demonstrating the usefulness of our product and the ingenuity of our customers.

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Many thanks the items arrived this afternoon and the awning repaired and strengthened by 17:00. That has saved me a few hundred pounds. Many thanks again.
I heard about you on forums of the ukcampsite website ( I was following a post about putting eyelets in a tarp and someone suggested using clingons instead and posted a link to your site and, since another member then said they wouldn't leave home without clingons(!) I decided I needed some too :)
Clingons safely received, many thanks. Wow!! Super-effective and precisely what I was looking for.
My best regards,
We heard of you by word of mouth and Google, my husband's colleague uses your product to hold wide-load triangles on his lorry and my husband wanted some after seeing how effective they were at staying secure. I found your site by searching for groundsheet corner clips.
Sorry I missed yesterday's email but the clingons have arrived today and are totally brilliant! Thankyou so much for your great service, it is very much appreciated, and we will tell everyone who cares to know about these amazing clips!
Kind regards,
Hi Jacqui,
As we are back from our camping trip and used the clingons all I can say is thankyou! They are definitely a valuable piece of camping equipment. I cannot find anywhere on the website to review so thought I would email you instead.
I heard about Clingons last year through the I bought 4 for my emergency kit, and have lent them out to fellow campers when they have had an accident.Thought it may be best to get another set as a safegaurd, they are the best idea since sliced bread.

Ken Wilkins
Hi Jacqui,
Thanks for the email.

We bought our first caravan in March and was talking to a caravan shop near to us about ground sheets and how to secure them and the assistant showed us your clingons. We took two packets to try and they are absolutely brilliant. Far better than anything else we have seen. We have a small awning for weekends and a big awning for other occasions. The original 8 are on the small ground sheet and the new order will go on our big groundsheet.

It is always nice to find a well made, well thought out product so I wish you well, you deserve to succeed.

Please feel free to use this email as an endorsement, I shall certainly be telling all my contacts about your product.

Kind regards
Terry Swan
I received my Clingons order yesterday and put them to work right away. Just wanted to let you know they were just what I needed to repair my spa cover.

A couple of weeks ago we had a very strong wind rip through here and it tore my spa cover off breaking the tie down straps. I thought about using grommets to reattach the straps to the spa cover flap but really didn't like the idea that much. So I search the internet and found the Clingons and just knew that was the answer and they were.

Thank you,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for your amazing product. We bought 2 packs of four large ones before we went camping. Unfortunately, we had bought an inferior tent and 4 of the guy ropes had snapped off, no chance of keeping it to the ground with the few remaining ones on there.

We used the clingons to replace the snapped guy rope attachments and added our own extras at points we thought needed them. They really did save our camping holiday for the days until we had had enough of the puddles inside the tent too and bought a 'proper' one. Needless to say, our clingons are now part of our camping equipment and hope to purchase more from you in the future as they have so many uses!

Many kind regards,
Alison Taylor
Just had our first holiday with a new groundsheet and your Clingons. Anyone who uses eyelets can't know about them. They are wonderful. Able to position exactly right. Am going to use them on the awning skirt as well, to stop it sliding about. Thank you for a super product - and yes, the small size were perfect, even on a fairly thick groundsheet, with the corners doubled.
Hi Jacqui,
Hope you don't mind, thought I'd write again.

I bought clingons after a gale ripped a tarpaulin I was using as a shelter to shreds, especially the eyelets.

I replaced the tarp with a much heavier 5x4m Monocover Plus type and used this for three days in conjunction with Clingons rather than using the tarp's own eyelets.

I cannot believe how well they worked in very strong winds. And after three days the Clingons were in no danger of losing grip and the tarp is completely undamaged and unstressed, which I cannot believe would have been the case had I used its brass eyelets. Had I used these ingenious devices in the first place I would still have had my original tarpaulin I am sure.

I am well impressed and would recommend these devices without reservation.

Steve Wallace
Hello Jacqui,
Just to let you know we are clinging on to our clingons because they are fabulous. Regards,
Hi Jacqui,
The Clingons did a great job when I went camping during the Easter weekend. Besides their intended purpose I kept finding other ways of using them. They are most definitely going to be a permanent part of my camping equipment and I am sure I will find more uses for them outside of camping.

Kind Regards,
Chris Finch
Dear Jacqui,
I am a return customer having bought your clips earlier in the year.

I had initially seen your product on another website, realised they were exactly what I needed and contacted you direct. Living on the west coast of Scotland wind and rain can be severe at times and anything that can hold down a tarpaulin with a westerly straight off the Atlantic becomes an essential 'must have'.

Best Regards
Paul Lawson

Please email us a short review of Clingons if you have any thoughts.

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